Founded in 1946, LEGNOART has expanded for each year for now to be represented in over 52 countries.

LEGNOART means the "art of wood". All items conform to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship with a strong focus on innovative design, attention to detail, and the use of environmentally friendly materials.

In manufacturing we try to utilize the boards in the best way, repairing small faults instead of resorting to chemical processes that make all the surfaces the same. Our customers recognize that the unique beauty of wood lies also in its small imperfections.

All LEGNOART products are processed in an air-conditioned room, to avoid thermal shock to the wood during manufacture. Each piece is individually processed, allowing the operator the freedom in interpreting at his or her best with each individual object. All this is done by technologically advanced equipment, which allows the flexibility each article needs. The finishing is done manually, trying to enhance the unique characteristics of each individual piece. Hand finishing satisfies our moral responsibility for the employee's health and the environment whilst underling the special features of each object produced.

The LEGNOART finishing system allowsthe customer to "read" the wood and take home a piece of history as well as a work of art. The wide product range is elegant, timeless and of high quality which gives it its distinctive "lifestyle signature".

All LEGNOART products have a distinctive personality and reflect a characteristic Italian style and flair with a strong focus on innovative design/aesthetics, functionality, and durability, as well as the elegant packaging makes it an eye-catcher on the shelve and in every in-store presentation.

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Please contact the shop where you purchased the product.

Always remember to bring either full warranty certificate or the receipt.


The warranty terms vary by product. Please check the last page of the user manual or the packing inserts for warranty terms for your product.

If you seek more information regarding warranty, please visit www.legnoart.it

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